I was very buoyed and inspired by the lovely words I gathered recently regarding my cooking efforts:

I have cooked and tested many of Hun’s recipes over the past few years. Her French bread and frikadeller recipes are a staple in my home. In addition, the board spreads of roasted meats, different sauces, and veggie varieties are always a hit for dinner parties.
Kevin Y, Brooklyn, New York,
(Author’s note: this is my son in Law ♥– he calls me Hun)

Using Annette’s recipes has really upped my cooking game! Melding Danish and American traditions, she has created delicious items that are unlike any I have made or even eaten before. She has a wonderful way of pairing ingredients in unexpected ways for a truly special result.
Kat G, Brooklyn, New York

I had the extreme pleasure of hosting one of Annette’s “smushies” events. Although I wasn’t quite sure how the afternoon/evening would be received because the idea was new to me and my friends, it turned out to be a memorable time for everyone. The “ladies” gathered in my kitchen and experienced with friends a new concept for food prep. The outcome was many delicious flavors that pleasured the palate. And, with Annette explaining each step, even the tasting process, made it even more enjoyable. Everyone all around, said it was a most enjoyable experience! Thank you Annette.
Karen S, Vero Beach, Florida

I have known Annette and her wonderful parents, brother, and sister for 45 years now. They have always had an uplifting Danish culture of food and customs within their home. I have so enjoyed the smushi recipes. A word unknown to my family until the writing of the cookbooks. Delicious!
Sue J, Rocklin, California

Annette’s recipes always bring so much joy! From bite-sized tarts to savory salads, the food is as much fun to prepare as it is to eat.
Ellie B, Chicago, Illinois

How can it be that I have never heard of smushies? They are now my new favorite food. So versatile, and easy when I am so tired after work. Thank you so much!
Bret H, Madison, Wisconsin

At first, I thought the recipes looked too hard–I don’t have a lot of confidence in the kitchen. So glad I kept going anyway–the recipes are very clear and not hard at all to follow and reproduce. I love smushies! And everyone I make them for is so impressed–everyone Loves them! Thank you for making me a success in the kitchen:)
Linda R, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Annette’s smushies are pure magic. One taste of her innumerable, tiny masterpieces paired with her mouthwatering sauces, and you will be hooked. You will say, “Where has this food been all my life?”
Jennifer C, Bettendorf, Iowa

I had the pleasure of hosting one of Annette’s “smushies” events for my Mother/Daughter bookclub. We all gathered in the kitchen and cooked together. I really like Annette’s hands on approach and it felt as if we were all learning together. Since our smushies night, I have tried several of her recipes – Always delicious and always manageable. I would definitely recommend her recipes to anyone who enjoys cooking and good food!
Kim M, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
(Author’s note: this event had a customized menu of both dairy-free and gluten-free recipes. My recipes are easily adaptable for
dietary restrictions, or any dietary preference.)

Cooking with Annette is such a delight. Her delicious recipes have introduced me to so many new flavor combinations and her creative plating always inspires me!
Linda K, Algonquin, Illinois

I’ve had the amazing experience of being a part of the Girls Advisory Board (or GAB). we have had so many opportunities to learn more cooking techniques and skills, and i also have so much fun. the recipes are each unique and tasty, and more people should try them.
Brynn W, Wheaton, Illinois

We love the smushi website! The simplicity of the food is the best. Healthy, easy and social. Helps bring the kids to the kitchen for assistance with dinner and keeps them at the table longer as we compare creations. Love the boards! Looking forward to more recipes!
Kim H, British Columbia, Canada

I had the great privilege of attending an interactive “Smushi” party for a lively group of Mothers and our 14 year old Daughters. We all weren’t quite sure what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on preparation as well as the feast we created! Each of us was able to create the perfect little bites suited to our tastes. It was such fun to see everyone try new foods and flavor combinations. Thank you Annette for making a wonderful Mother-Daughter memory!
Ann & Adeline S, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Have you ever heard of smushies? Would you ever think you might be eating one? Smushies are small, delightful versions of the classic Danish open faced sandwiches – Smørrebrød. Annette gathers a group together, teaching, sharing and feasting on her recent recipe developments. Masterpieces are created by each individual and all bask in the hygge (cozy mood) of the evening, learning a little Danish tradition along the way. Each of the attendees may have an assignment prior to the event with each of the items coming together at the meeting for a lovely balance of main course, appetizers, sauces, sides, and desserts! Annette’s special charm, joy, and passion is refreshing and engaging.  If you are ever given an opportunity to experience one of her meal gatherings do not miss this memorable, delectable opportunity! Then just try to wait for a Danish Smushies cookbook to follow.
Julie P, Bettendorf, Iowa

My dear friends:
I would love to interest you all in something my family and I love – Danish smushies.  Annette has found a special way for us all to have good, healthy, beautiful sandwiches. Because Neta was born in Denmark and Danish food is so dear to us, she has eaten a lot of the Danish dishes I’ve made. And for many years she has played with the idea of a cookbook with pictures and recipes that would interest her American family and friends.
The exciting thing for me, her mom, is that anybody can give the smushies a try and not have to eat just one big sandwich (like the Danes do). You can enjoy a nice variety of small, less-filling smushies. Just look at the beautiful pictures Annette has shown us here.
Give it a try, and you will like it.
Eva S, Cary, Illinois
(Author’s note: this is my dear mother’s writing!)