Our Marcel’s Demo

Last week Annette and I had the wonderful opportunity to demonstrate our smushies at Marcel’s Culinary Experience in Glen Ellyn (IL).


The people there and the shop itself are outstanding. They provided everything we could have possibly needed, even a very helpful sous chef named Diane. In the three hours we were there, we made several types of smushies and Danish cones for dessert. Before people arrived for the demo, we set out a wooden board filled with salami and Italian salad smushies. Italian salad is simply canned peas and carrots (drained) mixed with mayonnaise and a little salt and pepper. The combination is surprising and all who tasted them loved them.

We then demonstrated how to make a ham and asparagus smushi, a vegan asparagus smushi, and a potato smushi. All were very well received. Our viewers became converts to the smushi lifestyle! We were able to convince them of the simplicity, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. None of our guests had experienced smushies before and we heard from many of them that they already had ideas as to how they would make them for upcoming occasions. That was so awesome to hear.

We finished with Danish cones (I’ll post that recipe soon). They’re a cross between a crepe and a thin cookie, with crispy edges, but sturdy enough to hold a cone shape. We filled them with whipped cream and a couple raspberries for garnish. Simple and delicious!

A huge thanks to Jill at Marcel’s for inviting us to do this demo. We love Marcel’s – see our People We Love page — and would do this again in a heartbeat.

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