Apply Hygge-Wand This Spring

“No stress” is my favorite way to think about hygge. We could all just use boatloads of this, couldn’t we?

Winter has mercifully, finally, decided to go dormant, and spring erupts all around us. We are all ready to bask in sunlight and emerge from the protection of our homes. Here are a few simple ideas to apply the “hygge-wand” to your life, this spring.

Hygge Yourself

Yes, this is my favorite domain – making myself comfortable, being here now, feeling gratitude, aware of simple pleasures.

To start the day on a good course, I hope to carve a little time in the mornings to sit in my big chair. My feet are on the ottoman, the coffee is hot (and preferably was served to me), and a few books are in my hand. So hyggelig.

With Your Family

We can elevate our everyday meals: light candles, deliberately set the table with pretty dishes, and arrange food to evoke desire. All my efforts on the cookbook front have made me vigilant to ensure that a variety of colors are represented when I serve food. If everything is on the beige continuum (white to brown), then I make sure to add some pops of color. Sprinkles of parsley, grinds of black pepper, slices of limes, circles of beets—though small in size, their impact is large.

Similarly, if children are around, ask them to craft some spring decorations: cut out flowers, draw butterflies, etc.  This can bring some happy vibrant colors to the house. I really love for them to see how they contribute to our goodness.

And Friends

Snipping a few budding branches, will give you a cheery reason to stop by a friend’s house. To bring the outdoors inside, in a simple manner, is a very Danish habit.

To be with your friend, take a walk outside, and really listen, which will surely induce hygge in both of your hearts.


The Danish concept of hygge is my birthright, and I have been immersing myself in its study. I believe taking the opportunity to Enjoy Life is your birthright. Cultivating hygge is one of my favorite means. I hope for much comfort and coziness for you.

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