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Hello, my name is Paige and I am a part of GAB. (Girls Advisory Board) My mom, Lynette, wrote an entry, “Mom, can I help you?” On things that Annette has taught my sisters, cousins, and me in the kitchen. This is an expansion of what she wrote but from a kid’s point of view.

When we started working with Annette on the cookbook I was only 8 years old. I was dying to help out in the kitchen but I was just too young to use knives and fire. I was also jealous because my older sister and cousin were old enough to help cook and prepare food. The rest of GAB and I soon realized that in order to help you don’t have to be in the kitchen, there are plenty of other ways to lend a hand. Annette helped us feel included by showing us other tasks to do that would keep us busy, yet be helpful and fun too. There are many jobs that I did, that I still enjoy doing, even though I am now 13 years old. The first thing that I did, was set the table. This is a great skill that kids can learn that you will definitely use in the future. You learn the order in which things are set, and you get to be in charge of which plates, tablecloths, silverware, and cups are to be used. There was nothing more special for me as a kid than feeling like I was in charge of something. Another thing that I took part in, was making place cards. While making these, kids are able to use their creative minds to design and decorate them. This is a fun way to participate for kids of any age who enjoy crafts. Plus, I know that when I was little, I loved being able to pick where people were sitting. The last way that I was able to help, was to serve the food. It was fun to go around passing the boards of food to everyone who was listening to Annette as she explained what everyone had just worked so hard to make. This way kids who still want to be near the food, can be! I hope your children are able to enjoy these activities almost as much as making the food. Check out our Instagram page @adanishfoodie, for #HyggeHacks and quick and easy recipes to prepare this week!

Hyggelig Smushies | Food and Cookbook Photography
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Photographs of smushies taken at 11-year-old Arden’s birthday party. All of the girls joined in the fun of making the food, too!
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