Feeling at home

Are you ready for hyggelig-lesson no. 2?

As we learned last time, hyggelig is about feeling relaxed, safe and comfortable. Hyggelig roughly describes that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you’re surrounded by good food in good company.

DrinksDrinks, snacks and a set of cards = hyggelig night

Hyggelig can mean being cozy, comfy, and snug or having a good time. The word can be used in multiple contexts: hyggelig-spreader, family-hyggelig, homely-hyggelig. You can have a hyggelig evening, a hyggelig weekend or a hyggelig chat. You can sit in a hyggelig corner, visit a hyggelig café or town, attend a hyggelig dinner party. Furniture can be hyggelig, a person can be described as hyggelig. A candle-lit dinner, a warm bath, TV night with the family (family-hyggelig), a hot cup of coffee – all of these things or situations can qualify.

A hyggelig atmosphere is pleasant, informal and possibly intimate. Hyggelig makes you feel at home in a situation whether or not you actually are at home. In this sense, hyggelig also lies in the surroundings, although it’s more than just that. Creating a hyggelig atmosphere can also mean making the surroundings hyggelig: a pile of pillows on the couch, a sweet-smelling candle, dimmed lights, soft music, a silenced phone, closed drapes.

In essence, hyggelig is thereby a feeling of belonging to the moment and each other in a nice and relaxed environment.

Molly og PerMy niece and boyfriend looking at the birds in the trees together

This was this week’s smushi-sized bite of hyggelig. I’ll serve you another bite in two weeks.



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